Open letter to President Obama

Peas in a pod. Two peas in a pod, former President Bush and current President Obama.

Exactly the same: men who talk of being Christians, but who find themselves in a fight with the Almighty. Read it:

12:7 Then the LORD appeared to Abram and said “To your descendants I will give this LAND.”

15:7 “I am the LORD, who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans, to give you this LAND to inherit it. And just in case someone is not familiar with the “family line” from

Genesis 26:3 where the Lord speaks to Isaac. It is important to note, that Ishmael is NOT being spoken to.

Gen 26:3 spoken to ISAAC. “Dwell in this land, and I will be with you and bless you; to you and your descendants I GIVE all these lands, and I WILL perform the OATH which I swore to Abraham your father”

Carter, Bush, now Obama have all sought to give Land which the Lord GAVE to someone else, to those whom the Lord did not give it to. Our Nation, under the leadership of our Presidents seeks to STEAL land from it's rightful tenants...

How can one steal from G-d and not bring consequences down upon a nation?

Lord, may President Obama yet be your servant and friend.

May he not fear man, but may he fear G-d.

May he yet find that greatness within, which is G-d breathed and spoken. May he not follow in the footsteps of Bush in thinking he can fight against an OATH YHVH  uttered. May he be a New President, a New Man.

And honor the Messiah who chose to walk the earth as a Jewish man. A Servant who would Not go against any OATH his Father made.

As a father with two grown daughters, I can safely bet, when you are no longer President, you will not look back, and have the deepest regrets in any job failures you may discern you had.

Rather, you will have deeper feelings for your two daughters and judge yourself for any way you have short changed them. You will find, that if you choose to "cut out" part of God's Word, and put it aside for the sake of political expediency.... you will have taught your daughters to "cut our" portions of God's Word.

And they will choose, what they cut out. Not you. It's called sowing and reaping.  We reap what we sow.  As a father with two grown daughters who knows he could've should've done better... with a smile on my face, ten years from now, I tell you, it won't be your job as President, it will be your calling as a father to your beautiful daughters, that will mean more to you than earth itself.....

Genesis 12:3 And I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you, and through you shall all families of the earth be blessed.

As the Lord calls the Children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob back to the LAND, I encourage you to not resist GOD. Our Nation, and our daughters would reap the consequences. You know where to find me, let's have coffee sometime. I don't drink beer. I'll cover the coffee.

Stephen Wick

Box 9397

Wichita Falls TX 76308

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