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It is a simple math equation. Eight pillars hold up a roof. If you lack one pillar, the other pillars simply stretch themselves a little more; but what if you lack two pillars, five pillars? What if you only have one real pillar? That pillar must stand in the middle holding up the whole circle of weight, but if things get to leaning too much, the whole structure is in danger of collapse.

"Genius" is not so much a specialist in his field, rather a specialist who knew, who could perceive how things worked together. It is one thing to put together a nuclear reactor that powers a motor. It is another thing to integrate all the systems together. The air conditioning, the moving of water, the hook up with other power sources in the ship, and yes, the motor; but a boat, even a nuclear sub is more than just a motor. ALL the components have to integrate with each other to make it functional in a "pure mathematical formula" of the creative power of a team of men and woman.

Harnessing a "team" where the individual components may not grasp how they can integrate themselves together, and bringing that team to a utilization of one another's talents -- IS a goal we help you with.

There are entities that have a lot to gain, by opening themselves to both fresh perspectives, and an analysis of present perspectives. Does it strike any one else funny, that a simple thing like ONE screw not being fully tight on a condenser in a car, can keep the car from starting. And a cursory look would not notice that even though the screw was in the RIGHT place, because it was not tight enough, it would not permit the WHOLE car to start. And even though the WHOLE car might be poised to go on a great journey, and everything else in perfect working order, just that ONE screw being loose kept the vehicle from going anywhere.

This Enterprise in honor of my father, Robert S Wick.

Stephen Wick
Box 9397
Wichita Falls TX 76308

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