For G-d so loved Donald, Melania and Barron Trump that he gave Messiah Yeshua to die for their sins

 The Call of Abraham's Children

I dedicate it to the memory of the Jewish men and women who died and suffered under the butchers at Treblinka. May Christians learn and Never be butchers. May Christians LOVE Jewish men and woman according to Genesis 12:3, and so turn away the curse. Jesus Is Lord of our love. For the Almighty IS love.

I dedicate it to the men and women, who acted as men and woman, when around them, were only butchers. To the dentists charged by the Nazi's to pull out the "gold" teeth of the dead Jews, before they were thrown into a mass grave. As young Jewish men held a stretcher of dead bodies, trying not to fall from exhaustion, knowing they would be shot if they fell -- and the dentist would wave them on to toss their last load of bodies in the grave. Bodies which looked like their dad's and mother's and sisters and brothers --- and the dentist would then be shot by the butcher's. To men who acted as men, when men ceased to exist. To the words, "I met a man," uttered by a young 17-year-old called Martin. A young 17-year-old having to trample bodies in a dead grave, being careful not to make eye contact with the guards, for the guards' shot those who dared to look at them as equals.

Not being able to look down, and emotionally loose it, as you saw you were tromping your brother sister mother daddy into a mass grave, before the bulldozer would shovel the sand back upon them.

I met a man, he said.

Jesus Is Lord over men. He calls us to be men.

For our Lord, who BECAME sin, became what His Father hated --- and whose suffering thereby surpasses so greatly the suffering of the Jewish man above, that it is not worth mentioning.

We understand so little of the Cross. So little of The Messiah. So little of His actual sufferings on our behalf.

 The SON, eternal from when there was no beginning. Eternal with the Father in Holiness for eternity past. In Perfect Holiness and fellowship with the Father. A holiness and fellowship we know so little of. A Holiness with the Holy Spirit. He who KNEW only Holiness with His Father --- BECAME what His Father hated.

He became Treblinka and more, as our sins came upon Him -- that WE might find Grace to partake of His Holiness in Eternity future.

Yeshua [ Jesus ] Is Lord.

If ANY man Glory, let him Glory in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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