1 Corinthians 13:9

1 Corinthians 13:9

The Future in the USA

Just speculation – ask Your apostles, prophets, pastor/teachers, and evangelists – this is just a coffee house journalist.

The IRS will tax churches.  Probably not in my lifetime.  71 going on 72 D.V.  Some evangelists and “church” fellowships.  [YOU are the church] will eventually see the handwriting on the wall – and become for profit entities.  As one accepts Federal and State money — like leeches, more n more they will attach strings to that money.  Do you have an inclusive lbq ministry?  “Stand Alone” evangelists would do well to go [for-profit] to be free of the mammon of this world.

House churches will become more common, as they were in the book of Acts.  When a house church gets so big it will just split in two.  A lot of Friday BBQ’s at a host’s house, and hosting will cycle.  Def. don’t meet on Sunday or the lbq gestapo will be there wearing their drag.

YOU will have to be WISE as a serpent and harmless as a Dove.

Itinerant Evangelists WITH authority and power will travel the country – and folks will marvel, he speaks as one who has authority.  If he is put in jail, he simply starts casting demons out of the prisoners and prays for the sick, and revival moves to the jail.  Somewhat like John the Baptist but tempered with I am come to Seek and to Save that which is Lost.

Tithing will disappear except for the false conglomerate of “churches” known worldwide for their compassion to the poor.  It can’t be wrong.  They will wear the sheep’s clothing but deny Messiah.  They will ordain and pioneer lbq trans lesbian homosexual “pastors” to lead these flocks – oh forgot 😊 — that is ALREADY going on.

There will be a lot of splits where the [anti-christ] portion of a church becomes the bigger acceptable federal state mammon church – and the folks who actually believe scripture – either go underground into home churches, or, refuse federal and state money and remain independent.  They will have to grow in the Authority of Messiah, or they simply will not make it.  NOW is the time to become a house of prayer corporately, in one’s own house, and individually.  My House HE said shall be called a House of Prayer.  Conversely if we are not praying, we are thieves.  It is time to prepare the next generation, so they have strength to Stand in the Evil Day.

Generous Cheerful Giving will replace the tithe.  A man whose electricity is being threatened to be cut off will not feel an obligation to tithe for his pastor/teacher will have taught him to take care of his family.  If one does not take care of family they are worse than an infidel.  Those who push tithing as a means of salvation and a means of becoming wealthy — put the Almighty first these lawyers say — some of them will actually grow in compassion and put off the yoke of bondage.  People will step up to the plate for one another.  The Love of God shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit will actually become a reality in our lives more n more.  Look not every man on his own things but also the things of others will more n more produce fruit in our hearts and fellowships.  And a pastor will stand up and say who here is without food for their children or behind on the electric bill.  Please stand.  If you are called to help this brother or sister — go to them now.  The church will BE the people and Not the Building.

The itinerant Evangelist may not be on TV or Twitter or Facebook or Social Media; but where the Evangelist is sent, it will be glorious.  There will be pockets of revival.  MONEY will no longer be “god” to so many.  You know the scripture.  It will begin with the apostle prophet evangelist pastor teacher callings – repentance will be deep.  The days of fleecing sheep for the “work of the Lord” will be over for those who are truly called.  My sheep hear my voice and they know ME – they don’t [hear] money.  They hear ME will be the call of Ruach Hakodesh [Holy Spirit].

Once again, there will be true weeping in the Lord’s House.  You and I are that house.

Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness.  This shall be a fruit of the Evangelist.  GODLY repentance.

Note: two types of weeping.

For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death.

One sorrows Towards the Lord for the sin we have walked in and grieved HIS heart therein.  The sorrow of the world is towards our self.  We got caught, so WE lost this or that.  That sorrow works death.  The authority of the Messiah with the Evangelist shall bring forth actual godly sorrow.


I personally may not see a lot of this in my life.  I am in the last lap of life regardless of how “long” that lap is 😊 … it is the last lap.  

To those who are true Pastors:  Prepare the Generation to Come

To those of us who are individuals, HELP prepare the Generation to Come, and encourage Called of G-d pastors.   They get maligned enough by the world.  Encourage those who are actually called and not just trying to make a million dollars.  The cross of Christ was not purchased with money – and neither will true revival be purchased with it.  We use money, but it should Not rule us.  The Love of God purchased the Cross of Christ, for you, for me.

To those of us who are “older” – the Word is still – OCCUPY until I Return.


For those who do not yet understand it:  HE is more interested in their being godly sorrow in the House than in who the next President of the USA is.

Ask yourselfdo I live and walk in the Authority of Christ?  Or do I have room to grow?  Those are your questions to answer.  And lastly, do you and I have godly sorrow inside this house, this temple we abide in currently?


Note: please understand, money cannot produce revival — it will be our prayer lives, and our obedience to knowing His voice.  It’s not the spare change, it’s the heart.

I am reminded of the pastor/evangelist who shared about a woman who wanted to write a check for one million dollars to his ministry, but he would need to meet her at her hotel room.  He confessed, the anointing of God upon my life is worth more than a measly million dollars.  He did not go.


Note: pastors – if other people have access to your personal and work computers — you are Not being prudent.