I AM Here Mom

I AM [pause] Here [pause] Mom

It started much much simpler.  A single sperm cell entered a single egg cell, within two hours you could see Two nuclei, one represents the male genes, one the female genes.  Within those same two hours you can no longer see the nuclei, they have disappeared or dissolved out of view and been incorporated into this New Being.  WOW.  Personally, I’m blown away.  Psalm 139 [For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.]

All this, even though sin has brought death upon us.  This child will one day die unless he or she is alive and trusting when Messiah returns to the earth.

Then the New Being finds its way to the uterine wall, and implants itself, almost like a bed bug or tick.  I’m burrowing in, and you are Not going to shake me loose.


This new being sends out a molecule carrying information to Mom.  The information states: I am here Mom.  Mom in turn sends out information via a molecule to the uterine wall – that it would thicken.

I’m still sitting here in awe, on the couch, watching this somewhat secular documentary that is blowing me away while I meditate on Psalm 139.  There is no brain in this new being yet; but this new being sends out information via a specific molecule which was named, I did not write it down.

Now the cell starts to multiply.  At some point a message is sent out to one of the cells, from this being, from this psalm 139 creation, Build I Am Here a Heart.  And a heart starts being built.  Complex information at just the right time… takes place even though we are under a sentence of death due to sin.  And it’s a fight.  We know Satan kills in the womb and has some latitude to do so.  Some women will be persuaded that [I Am Here Mom] is not someone to hold onto and nourish.  It happens.

Meanwhile a molecule leaves the heart telling an adjoining cell, build I am Here a Liver.  And the complexity of creation goes on.

I’m mesmerized as I watch, reading the English subtitles of some of the research being done in Japan.  It is like they are looking at the Face of G-d, and see the reflection, but stop short of acknowledging said reflection.


And there comes a Day… a Great White Throne Judgment

And those who are called to stand before said throne, hear some words which

Put them on their faces in dread and fear.

[I AM] HERE, the Lord speaks.


There was my grandson one day, attaching himself to the uterine wall, and a molecule sent out a message to my daughter.  I am Here Mom he said.  And Mom has answered the call ever since, even repeating it for another two grandsons.  I am here son, she said, I am here.

 It may not be Mother’s Day, but, Happy Mother’s Day to All Moms who answered the call, and said, I am here son, I am here daughter.


Before you were a Father, Dads — Mom answered the call.  This Father’s Day do something to honor the woman who answered the call to I Am Here Mom.  And your son, your daughter, attached him or herself to Mom’s uterine wall.  Do something to honor Mom Dad *

And you thought Father’s Day was all about you *