The Child Molester  – by Anonymous

We have before examined a few types of child molesters.  Transgender child molesters.  Abortion child molesters. Pimps pushing young people into “The Business” child molesters.  And of course, the political child molesters who help make all this possible.

Question: Do the political child molesters KNOW that they are molesting children?  Are they simply ignorant?  Is their conscience seared from so many years in the political arena?  Is fallen humanity simply getting worse and worse as our DNA continues to corrupt more and more in relation to original sin? [For those who have not studied mutations in DNA – the human race is going precipitously downhill] i.e.… our forefathers were more intelligent than we are.  We may have the increase of knowledge spoken of in the book of Daniel — but we lack what proverbs talked about.  The ability to Stand Alone.  If sinners [plural] entice thee my son, consent thou not. One can read about it in Proverbs 1.  Even the world recognizes the “thought police”.  The book 1984.  Do you know how many pages of rationale for abortion exist?  Do you know how many pages of rationale for trans gendering children at a young age exists?  Even though you cannot change the DNA.  My son, if     sinners     entice thee, consent thou not.

SHE WAS A YOUNG GIRL when her dad started raping her.  She can count in her mind a minimum of 200 times that he raped her before she left home, covered in guilt, in shame, in knowing her father had not protected her.  And to be honest, all fathers fall short, i.e.… we fail.  God forbid though, that anyone receiving a cup of coffee raped their own child or children.  200 times.  It’s hard enough for anyone at the age of 18 entering this world to make sense of it.  Imagine what it was like for this girl.

BUT, the Grace of God was upon her — and years down the road she would take her Mom and Dad into her care.  And it was as she did this, as she learned to Love as JESUS showed her to love the “unforgiveable”.  Mom had walked in on her Dad once, but never said anything, or did anything.  Just part of the culture in their portion of the USA.  You just love em kid she pondered in her soul.  She found a place of total forgiveness in her heart.  Full no holds barred forgiveness — not a well I’ll forgive because I’m supposed to forgive; but something down in the marrow and nitty gritty of the bone where it was just complete.  So, if you have a problem forgiving someone, we certainly have an example of forgiveness here.  Her Dad had half-way feigned repentance at one point, but it was just skin deep.  It was not until she had fully forgiven him, that one-day he wept before her confessing sins and asking her forgiveness. Truly and honestly. And then she prayed with him sometime afterward to give his life to Messiah – to have Faith in the Blood of Jesus.  And she saw him baptized before long.

What does it say? What?

 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

The GIFT of GOD.  Not of works, lest any man should boast.

And as a previous cup of coffee pondered – the One who gives the Gift – gives it according to His Own Will.  Not your will.  Not my will.  I’m not sure we are capable of understanding that – oh, you might pontificate an intellectual rational cup of coffee — First, you understand that women down in the marrow of her bone having been raped 200 times by her daddy, mama not doing anything to stop it – you understand the Almighty    calling her     to forgive  Fully.  Wrap yourself around it, then write your cup of coffee or whatever you are called to write.  Imagine yourself being raped 200 times and forgiving dad or mom.  Then write your cup of coffee.  Don’t imagine that, it’s too evil.

He Saves child molesters.  Murderers.  Thieves.  Pedophiles. Educated people who think they know more than the Almighty but who can’t right their own ship of state. Even “regular” “mundane” people who don’t know their left hand from their right hand. Even politicians.  Even left-wing politicians.  Even You and I.  HE  IS  ABLE.

FOR    BY GRACE  ARE YE SAVED        THROUGH FAITH       and THAT – NOT OF Yourselves: it IS the Gift of GOD.

One reason given for this: NOT of works,  lest ANY man should boast.

So, let us have grace and compassion for the political child molesters who seek to rule this country.  They too, might be an object of    For By Grace are Ye Saved, and that not of yourself – It is the Gift of God.  Otherwise, the Judgment of Exodus approaches the political and other Pharaohs of the USA.