Off the Cuff


Do you ever hear people talk KNOWINGLY about 6 billion years ago? Or 4 million years ago, such n such happened 😊 These high IQ guys and gals with PHD’s in front of their name. Do you ever want to ask them, do you even KNOW what happened 200 years ago? And what was the context it happened in?




HOW can any PhD or otherwise tell you what happened 200,000 years ago, much less 200 years ago? You probably do not even know anything about great great great great grandpa or grandma. And if you do know something, you really have no context for what you [know].

Let’s look at one instructional verse of scripture. Just one to begin with unless this turns into a rant.

 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

Take the Moon

America preparing to send a man to the moon 😊. Consulting scientists who tell them due to the age of the universe, space dust would be about six feet on the moon. Hence, they designed these square landing pads for the legs on the machine sent to the moon. What did they find?  Not six feet of dust. Closer to ¼ inch if that. The PHD’s never did retract their assumptions 😊 Don’t you know the Almighty laughs at our pride. And then abases it.


There is a Distance from the earth which if the moon passes, earth’s gravity will let it go, and off into space it goes. There is a Distance from the earth, which if the moon passes towards the earth, gravity will pull the moon all the way into the earth. Every year, the moon moves further away from the earth. You should see the weird and wacky science notions from the PHD types on this. No Offense to those of you who have PHD’s and are grounded in the Word of G-d.


This is WHY Genesis is SO Important. In the beginning GOD. Period. Any science that does not begin with GOD will be False. Study the 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics.

Why is it that when you leave an ice cube at room temperature, it begins to melt? Why do we get older and never younger? And, why is it whenever rooms are cleaned, they become messy again in the future? Certain things happen in one direction and not the other, this is called the “arrow of time” and it encompasses every area of science. The thermodynamic arrow of time (entropy) is the measurement of disorder within a system. Denoted as ΔSΔS, the change of entropy suggests that time itself is asymmetric with respect to order of an isolated system, meaning: a system will become more disordered, as time increases. [Off the net]

It is WHY we die, get old. SIN has dictated decay. It is WHY great great great granddad and grandma were probably IQ wise smarter than you and I. Look at what is happening into the quote evolution unquote of the human genome. It is NOT evolving into a higher order 😊 It continues to DEVOLVE.