Rosario, stared into the moonless sky, the sound of wolves howling on the mountain tops he loved to hike upon so dearly. After calling his meeting off with Magesh, whose eyes normally reflected the moonlight into his own orbs, which is another story to tell one day, tears could be seen upon his cheeks as he pondered the news, the chill of the wolves refrain leaving goosebumps upon his flesh.

A report in from Somalia, from a journalist, and the photographer with him, sat upon his soul. The journalist and photographer had come upon a village in war torn Somalia, where the corpses of men, women and children were piled high, with only flies to keep the rotting corpses company. While the two searched the camp, and the outside edge they came upon a young teen age boy, with the distended belly only the pangs of hunger could bring.

Rummaging for some food in their packs, they found a grapefruit they offered the young teenage boy. He was too weak to hold up the whole grapefruit;
so they cut it in half, and offered half of it to him. Before he could take half the grapefruit, the boy turned, and slowly walked away from the camp, and into the bushes. After a moment of hesitation, the journalist and photographer followed him through some trees and bushes, and on the other side found the young man kneeling beside a boy of 5 or so who appeared dead.

Gently the teen touched the 5 year old, whom it was later found out, to be his younger brother; and in a moment or two, there was a flickering of eyelids showing the 5 year old was still alive. Turning, the teenager took the grapefruit, and chewed a small piece of it, then he took it from his mouth, and putting it in his 5 year old brother’s mouth, began to manually work his brother’s jaws, until the boy was able to swallow the piece of grapefruit. He had been keeping his younger brother alive for three weeks in this manner. He shared the rest of the grapefruit in this manner with his young brother.

Four days later, the young teenager died; but his younger brother pulled through to survive.
True story, only the fictional Rosario, placed here to frame the account.

Rosario pondered thoughts, “Am I my brother’s keeper” “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”. Rosario thought upon the two brothers, and remembering two sisters he knew, he penned this snapshot, to remind them, to always keep each others back, that there is something special between two brothers, or between two sisters, or between brother and sister.

And still, the wolves began to howl.