USA Culture of Death

Death Culture Implications

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In the United States Abortion [the killing of babies] has been around for years. It has been utilized as a type of birth control. The problem this results in — young people grow up seeing a callous disregard for human life.

Young people are smart enough to know that they grew up inside of their mother’s womb. On some subliminal level they know this is sanctioned murder by adults on someone who is not as strong as they are. As Darwin said, survival of the fittest, the strongest.

Remember the old saying, do as I say, not as I do. Children SEE what we do as parents. The good, the bad, even the ugly.

Instinctively a mother starts out being pro-life.  Click on

I am here Mom.

As the culture of the US embraces Willful Blindness, not just blindness, but willful blindness — what does that teach the young in our country.

Young people are smart enough to know that xy and xx, will be

male and female. The schizoid split from reality where the young are taught that male and female     is cosmetic   teaches them that there is no truth.

You want to take a gun and go shoot up a mall, shoot up a school classroom — there is no truth. Every abortion clinic teaches there is no truth. A women’s reproductive “right” to kill her child over the years has helped produce a culture where mass shootings take place.

Even though, all the mass shootings in the US do not compare to the men and women who participate in killing their children. Just under a Million abortions [murder of children] were recorded from “known” sources in 2021 in the USA.

On one hand, young people are told not to commit murder, that it is wrong. On the other hand, young people see close to a Million abortions which they are smart enough to know is murder.

And we act surprised when a young person embraces the death culture of the US and commits evil actions. He or she is just following the example of the adults.

I mean, even the President of the United States says mothers should be free to kill their children, and he pledges the resources of the US to help them do so.

. to help support courageous women in the face of sometimes dire straits who Choose to not throw their child in the trash outside an abortion clinic.


I killed my baby