Forsake Politics

Forsake Politics

Instead of “discussing” political points of view to others on forums and blogs and comments – and FILLING up your time with that…

Focus on 2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people [that includes You], which are called by my name,

SHALL humble themselves, and pray

Point 1: IF, IF, we humble ourselves and pray, that is better than sending a dollar or ten dollars or a hundred dollars or even 10,000 dollars to a political candidate.

Though there are candidates who are better than others, a good man or woman in office falls so far short of people in the ecclesia [living stones of the church] actually humbling ourselves and praying.

And pray, AND SEEK my face, AND Turn from their wicked ways

Do we even know what our wicked ways are?

Currently, as one brother told me, we need revival.

This is not to denigrate a valid responsibility to vote for the better of the candidates out there — it is saying that should NOT BE FIRST PLACE in our hearts.

We ARE instructed to Seek Ye FIRST the Kingdom of GOD and His Righteousness….

As a new Pastor I recently met exhorted me …he that winneth Souls is Wise. Are we winning souls or electing politicians? This political season?

This is not a perfect journalistic endeavor. It is encouraging those of you who are vexed by the abysmal wickedness of the culture in the USA — to Not focus on that. We need to judge ourselves first. A politician will not be much help if we ourselves live on the lukewarm side of the street.


Jesus answered,

My kingdom is not of this world