Sperm Whale

The Sperm Whale defies the hypothesis’s of evolution, with lungs which collapse, with spongy muscles which soak up oxygen during it’s 40 – 60 minute dives, by withstanding pressure which would rip a man to shreds before he got anywhere close to the depth a whale plunged.  And still, there are people who believe a postulate, one day, whales just walked into the sea, and mutated into the whale we have today.  What I ask, are whales there to remind us of.  And we never even got into how the sperm whale uses sonar to find the giant squid it preys upon.  As it is diving, it is sending out sonar which bounces back off the squid, letting the whale know where it is, in the murky depths where there is not light for it to see clearly.  And it just walked off a beach one day, and went into the ocean.  Don’t insult my intelligence, Mr. Science man.  My intelligence may be small, but don’t insult it. If outer space, with it’s stars and black holes —- where you have a demarcation, and on one side of this invisible line, half of a molecule will keep orbiting the black hole without falling in, and on the other half, the half a molecule is sucked in…please, evolution can never explain that, only Intelligent Design, and Intelligent Design by someone whose intelligence far far surpasses our own……. But it was the pods, which no one may have watched, being a video at the end of last week.  When the killer whales surrounded the baby sperm whale, and the females formed a Rosetta stone symmetry around the youngster, and the killer’s launched headfirst into the females, bouncing off, and circling back to attack again.  They instinctively, surrounded their young to protect him/her; while we humans have permitted 50 million babies in this country to be sucked into the black hole of whatever you want to call abortion.  Forget the Germans who watched Hitler at work; are we supposed to be proud of 50 million aborted babies? The whales in the pod, have more sense than humans it seems.  How long ago, and how dim the memory, of that once spoken phrase about being created in the image of Elohim [G-d].  It’s instinctive, the pod, surrounding the young one, surrounding the Bobby’s of the world, in hopes of protecting them from the killer whales….

Listen to one young mother’s understanding:

Something I always find a bit mind-blowing is that your own egg stock formed while you were in utero—so that, in a sense, some part of [your newborn] has literally always been with you, ever since you were born.

Even the sperm whales teach us Not to commit abortion, Not to murder our young, rather to protect them.