The true Gospel of Christ Jesus.

Simply put.

Jesus Christ died for me so I could live, by paying the debt of sin.

He was indeed crucified after being humble, and dead.

Dead means dead physically.

If we deny that we get confused.

Then, He was brought out of death and alive.

He appeared to many and spent 40 days teaching the kingdom of God.


Again, if we stop there, we get confused.

It is very important to grasp the good news given to Paul BY JESUS CHRIST Himself.

Because Jesus did not teach the gospel of grace.

He taught the kingdom of GOD.

If Jesus personally gave the gospel to Paul, where did he give it before the cross?

Show me if you can.

I can only show you where he saved gentiles explaining how the kingdom of God would be given to the gentiles.

The enemy tried to stop the cross because the point was starting to be made.

Immanuel-God within us.

That is exactly what Jesus promised us.

The Holy Spirit.


Within us.


That is what Paul meant when he said, “He who is within me is greater than he who is in the world”.

Of course.

But look!

And this is what the church does not believe by their own actions when they teach behavior modification…working to obey God.

God within!!!us.

Please look very closely at 2 Timothy.

Paul wrote his last letter.

In it, he tells us everything in just the first chapter.

He introduces us to the Holy Spirit who writes through him.

The Holy Spirit who is God, speaks to you personally and tells you how loved you are and why.

And what to do in the face of the world.

Paul is not ashamed of what?

The gospel of grace, the cross and the power of it.

In chapter two (I use chapters only to point to something, never to separate scripture), The Holy Spirit tells us to be strong in this gospel and to bring it to others.

It is to Timothy from Paul.

But only that?


It is from God to you and me, who were called before time existed to have Christ Jesus dwell in us and us in Him.

If anyone can undo that once again show me.

When we give the gospel, we must be sure never to give anything else with it.

The devil would throw in or take out something small to hurt it.

I am in a small minority who refuse to speak of news or politics…”issues of concern”…during it.

Why not?

The church is supposed to.

Is it?

We need to do God’s work.

That work, through faith, cannot be done if we talk about sin constantly and fail to speak of the mighty power of God.

Sin is rebellion against a fully holy God!

Sin, even one small sin, brings spiritual death.

The size or amount of sin is not mentioned.

It means even one time breaking the law of God.

Grace in Christ Jesus brings freedom because not one sin exists for a saint covered and washed by the blood of the Lamb.

If even one was against us, we would perish spiritually.

The church constantly warning about evil and pointing fingers hinders the gospel going out.

When the Bible was completed, it was finished.


Getting to the point, is it not better to bring the presence of God into our writing and teachings?

Nobody is getting saved by guilt.

They are being saved by grace and mercy.

I advise reading the entire body of Paul’s epistles from Romans to 2 Timothy deeply.

Take your time.


Ask God to read it to you.

He will always honor that prayer!

And be blessed to know you will start to understand what the good news of the cross is and want others to know how blessed and free they can be.

Speaking to God daily no matter what or where.

Not about guilt or evil, but about Christ Jesus.


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