Our Father



One prayer the Lord has to answer is “Lord, I miss worshipping and praising You…please help me”.

He has to hear that prayer.

I believe there are prayers we should hold God to answering.

I call it pulling a Moses.


He had the nerve and the faith to hold God to His Word and reputation!

And God called him friend.

I like that.

God calling me friend, and a son.

Jesus died so I can live.


Then I want everything he died for to be mine.

That is not greed.

That is faith.

And what did his Father say to him?

“This is My Son. He pleases me!”

Jesus did it for me and you.

Now, we can hear that very statement.


What did The Lord say to Mary outside of the tomb?

“Tell them I go to my Father and their Father”.

Now He is our Father.

In fact, I will have the nerve of praise to say that one more Name for God is “Our Father”.

Thank Jesus we have been given that.

That kind of revelation can only come through the Holy Spirit, during praise.

Like right now!

I believe that is why Jesus answered them with that sentence when they asked him to teach them how to pray.

Make it respectfully personal!

What was The Lord’s Prayer, became Our Prayer.

Isaiah 55 is a great praise chapter.

The Lord may not answer right away about helping us praise.

It may be a little bit of a wait.

For whatever reasons, when the answer does come it is more loving and powerful than ever before.

Growing in grace.

We appreciate Him more if it is not immediate.



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